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Audi Man (AKA – The Incredible Bulk):

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If you have not met him, this is my hairless car Audi.  I lost a hairless last year about this time to an enlarged heart and he was 7.  Audi came to us from a woman that was looking to give him a good home.  Don’t be fooled by his looks, he is a big softy and loves to… well love on everyone.

Painting of the Lost:

This is a painting that I created about 7 years ago.  It represented some of the struggles that I went through growing up and how I felt helpless to protect myself at times.  If you have kids, take time to listen to them and look a bit between the lines because there is a chance they may need some help.  All we can do in life is try to do the very best that we can!  The very best and worst of the next generation starts will the things that we give the youth of today!