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Product Labeling

I have been involved in product labeling or packaging for over 8 years. Are you in the need for a label for your product? Contact me today.

Walking the Dead

It’s about that time again and I’m always reminded of back in the first season that I came up with this design and it was a much bigger hit than I ever imagined.

Skateboard Deck:

I’ve had the pleasure to start working on some skateboard deck designs.  This is one of the ones that I came up with.  I have a LOT of old designs I haven’t done anything with so this is a great way to give them new life.

Infected Mushroom Contest Design:


This is a design that I arranged for Infected Mushroom.  The voting for the contest starts May 16 at talenthouse.  Come show your support with Facebook and Twitter.  Support and voting buttons are on the right.