Gamer Thug T-Shirt


gamer-thugThis was an idea I had for a average Joe that had an alter ego when he was off of work.

Down Gears

If I haven’t said it before, I love old gears, rust and run down places.  I don’t do it much anymore, but I use to search out these things and places and photograph them.  I had a good amount of money put into a “film” camera and all the equipment that went with it.  When EVERYTHING went digital, I ended us selling all that I had because they went useless overnight.  So now I only have a little Canon and it just isn’t the same.  One day I will get a new set up though.  So it just isn’t the same to go out and shoot with this little Canon camera but I do sometimes still.  When I do, I like to add the StrangeCraft flair to in with Photoshop.

Logo Design

I get plenty of chances to create logos for myself and clients.  Some I can show and some are still hushed till they come out.  I probably do more of that than anything.  Need one?  Drop me an email and lets see what we can create.


In my short time in the box business, I had a chance to design a box for an up and coming business.  I thought it turned out pretty well, what do you think?

Still Remains

I’ve almost always loved old rusty things.  I love old abandoned buildings too.  I recently found that I like heaping metal messes.  This is one of those.  This is a truck that was in a wreck and it was left to sit in a lot.  I just added my flair to it.


It may take a minute to get this but if you are into video games and know the history, you might find this as funny as I did.

Business Branding

Logos are more than just a design, they are an extension of who you are and what you do.  Your company branding is like your business card in a way because it represents you and if it looks half baked or cheap, that is what they will think of you.  Recently I re-branded my logo and you can see that I went through a lot of them before finding a style that I wanted to represent me.  So when looking for a logo, don’t settle.  Find someone who will give life to it and your business.


Wait… what just happened!?!  Well, StrangeCraft just got a face lift with a new logo.  Everything is still the same, just updating with some much needed changes to the logo that’s all.  Hope everyone is having a great new year so far!


I do get into normal stuff a lot.  I try and push myself in many different directions so if you have a need, don’t be afraid to contact me and see what we can do!