Down Gears

dead-gears If I haven’t said it before, I love old gears, rust and run down places.  I don’t do it much anymore, but I use to search out these things and places and photograph them.  I had a good amount of money put into a “film” camera and all the equipment that went with it.  When EVERYTHING went digital, I ended us selling all that I had because they went useless overnight.  So now I only have a little Canon and it just isn’t the same.  One day I will get a new set up though.  So it just isn’t the same to go out and shoot with this little Canon camera but I do sometimes still.  When I do, I like to add the StrangeCraft flair to in with Photoshop.

Logo Design

tld-logos I get plenty of chances to create logos for myself and clients.  Some I can show and some are still hushed till they come out.  I probably do more of that than anything.  Need one?  Drop me an email and lets see what we can create.


peerless-mock-up-2b In my short time in the box business, I had a chance to design a box for an up and coming business.  I thought it turned out pretty well, what do you think?

Still Remains

still-remains-copy I’ve almost always loved old rusty things.  I love old abandoned buildings too.  I recently found that I like heaping metal messes.  This is one of those.  This is a truck that was in a wreck and it was left to sit in a lot.  I just added my flair to it.


whoopinstein It may take a minute to get this but if you are into video games and know the history, you might find this as funny as I did.

Business Branding

sd-logo-samples Logos are more than just a design, they are an extension of who you are and what you do.  Your company branding is like your business card in a way because it represents you and if it looks half baked or cheap, that is what they will think of you.  Recently I re-branded my logo and you can see that I went through a lot of them before finding a style that I wanted to represent me.  So when looking for a logo, don’t settle.  Find someone who will give life to it and your business.


zombies-gone-wild2 Wait… what just happened!?!  Well, StrangeCraft just got a face lift with a new logo.  Everything is still the same, just updating with some much needed changes to the logo that’s all.  Hope everyone is having a great new year so far!


teleological2 I do get into normal stuff a lot.  I try and push myself in many different directions so if you have a need, don’t be afraid to contact me and see what we can do!

Dark Road

dark-trail This has always been one of my favorite pictures that I have done.  Has a dark and treturous feel to it doesn’t it?

Oh the Horror

1891043353_86c18d6ed1 This year we had to cut back and we got rid of Cable TV.  I don’t miss it as much as I thought I would.  I do miss AMC and Sifi channel during Halloween.  We still have some channels though and one of them is TCM and it has old horror at times and it is nice to catch up on the roots of old horror.  We also have the Roku box so there are some free horror channels and Netflix so we get a good fill of stuff.  I still like the older ones that were original.  Some of this new horror is half baked or take ideas that others have done and it get old fast.

I see them remaking movies like Carrie and I think, “man, Stephen King has other books that haven’t been made into movies, why not make movies of them?” Oh well.  Hope you are having a great October!