I was born in Fort Wayne Indiana and grew up in that area. I always seemed to have an artistic eye and could put it down on paper. I went to summer school as a child for art and learned different types of art and how to apply life and experience to it.

In high school, I took almost every art class they offered. I did pottery, painting, drawing, mixed medium art, drafting, AutoCAD and photography. They literally had to throw me out of the photography’s dark room daily. I further expanded my talents in other fields of art such as digital and image manipulation.

After high school I explored further avenues of art that I had never done before. I soon went into photography full time for a number of years before deciding to return to school for graphic design and business. Since then I have grown leaps and bounds in my training and in my work. I ventured into working with Streetlight Graphics and we started Streetlight Apparel in 2008 as a partners.  As of 2011, I moved on from Streetlight Apparel to start my own brand of graphic design and that was when Strangecraft Design was born.  I am always expanding my techniques and taking it to different levels. I’m in a continuous state of learning because a man that learns and has a purpose, is a man that continues to grow and is alive.

The Mission of Strangecraft Design is to get the customer what they need every time.  What that also means is if we feel that we can’t provide you with what you need, we will do our best to provide you with other companies that can.  Strangecraft wants to make sure that you are always satisfied with your designs.  We offer your typical designs (normal if you will) but we also create out of the ordinary things that not everyone does or has the imagination to do.

Strangecraft isn’t a company that just wants to get you your design and send you on your way.  We are a company that wants to see your company or business grow and will do/suggest all that we can to see that become a reality.  We are for helping others achieve their goals and dreams by advising and aiding when we can.  Not stepping on peoples backs to get to the top as you sometimes see in the business world.

You could say that Strangecraft is about relationships.  We aim at staying connected to our customers and supporting them however you need us.  Business relationship is like any other relationship; you have to work at it.  There will be ups and downs, heated discussions and misunderstandings.  There will also be celebration, accomplishments and laughs.  All of these things enrich the working relationship and help produce something that will bring the customer closer to their own goals.  It also allows us to do the two things we love to do.  Help others grow and create.