Haunted Apartment Movies:

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I find horror movies today some times funny when they are not meant to be.  I have noticed a lot of haunted apartment movies.  Um… do people think that others can’t relate to a haunted house idea.  There is something very not scary about a haunted apartment.  That’s my thoughts though, what do you think?

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  1. Keisah Suarez says:

    Hey Rob how’s it going? In response to the “Haunted Aparrments” I just have to say I lived in a haunted duplex from the age of 12 to 18. There was a poltergeist and a darker more ominous entity and it was pretty terrifying at times. It sounds lame but hearing something scratching at your wall and breathing in the middle of the night is terrifying. My neighbor and best friend lived on the other side and she had experiences as well. I think the message may be that darkness can be at any corner, at every turn and always where you least expect it. Or maybe Hollywood is just out of ideas.

    • stra7514 says:

      Hey there. Yeah, I know there are all sorts of this types of stories. In my opinion, they have to try really hard in movies to make an apartment creepy. Unlike a house, deserted, that is big and all alone.

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