Gore vs. Suspense:

Over the years I have noticed in horror or even action films, gore has gone from somewhat realistic to realistic, to over the top and not realistic.  I’m personally a fan of older films that has some gore or next to none at all.  In my opinion they did very well because they used suspense, good story telling, and creative camera shots.  I watch some of the films that come out today and it almost seems like they replace the lack of story telling/creative film shooting with lots of gore and violence.  This is why a lot of new films are left by the way side in a short amount of time and more or less forgotten about.  I can honestly say that we can learn a thing or two from Asian horror films.  Yes there is still gore and violence (but not all the time), but their story telling and camera shots are amazing.  I can count on one hand how many recent horror films that I want to add to my library.  At the same time, I have tons of older films that I have backlogged that I want to add to my horror film library.  Hopefully we will get back to making great horror films here in American on an ongoing basis once again.

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