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The Color Sphere

What’s happening?  It’s been a minute since I have been able to upload new stuff.  I got to work on a new color wheel poster today.  I wanted something that had an antique feel but modern at the same time.  Some inspiration was from old medical posters.  Plan on printing at least one for my office at home!

Latest from the Strange

If you haven’t seen the Youtube page… what are you waiting for?  Come check out the abandoned videos.  In a month or so I am starting a Vblog too so you will have to check that out as well.  Find the link on the right side of the page at the bottom.

Strange Abandonment

strange-abandonment-logo-squareStrange Abandonment is now up and videos are available to watch.  I have more coming and more places planned so subscribe, hit like and keep coming back and checking them out.  Share them and tell friends about them.  I have some really cool places planned in the future so stay tuned.

I have a new store

SD-storefrontSo I have a new shop on Zazzle.  It is a work in progress.  I am adding about 5 items a week and should have not only t-shirts but some of my pictures up for sale in the weeks or months to come.  If you see something you like and want to see it up for sale, email me and I wall make it happen.  I’d love to hear from you.

Strange Abandonment

PSX_20161204_200343Getting ready to start filming my new videos of abandoned buildings for YouTube starting this year.  The name is going to be Strange Abandonment.  Should be available by the end of the year.

Oh the Horror

This year we had to cut back and we got rid of Cable TV.  I don’t miss it as much as I thought I would.  I do miss AMC and Sifi channel during Halloween.  We still have some channels though and one of them is TCM and it has old horror at times and it is nice to catch up on the roots of old horror.  We also have the Roku box so there are some free horror channels and Netflix so we get a good fill of stuff.  I still like the older ones that were original.  Some of this new horror is half baked or take ideas that others have done and it get old fast.

I see them remaking movies like Carrie and I think, “man, Stephen King has other books that haven’t been made into movies, why not make movies of them?” Oh well.  Hope you are having a great October!



is PROUD to offer “MAN OF STEEL”
By Samal McNealy
This beautiful, hi- res , multiverse image of the Son of Jor-El is available in 11×17 ($15) or 8.5×11 ($10), and is the perfect addition to your fine art collection!
To pay with PAYPAL enter, give us your shipping info, and tell us which size you’d like!

Or you can click on the picture and it will take you directly to the webpage where you can order it.  I hope you love it to death! =)

Stolen Design:

(Click on the title to read whole post and see picture)  You know you are doing something right when people STEAL YOUR STUFF!  This person STOLE my design and probably STOLE everything else they present as their own work so steer clear of this guy and his site.  I have reported it and I hope they take care of it because this kind of stuff is done all the time and shows how low and ignorant people can be.

Come By The Shop:

Come by The Shop and check out the posters and decals that I have for sale.  If you use the coupon code – dontbestranger – you will get 10% off.

Design for HardnutZ Contest:

hardnutz This is a design that created for HardnutZ helmet company.  The voting starts May 2nd at talenthouse.  Come show your support with Facebook and Twitter.  Support and voting buttons are on the right.

Infected Mushroom Contest Design:

infected-mushroom This is a design that I arranged for Infected Mushroom.  The voting for the contest starts May 16 at talenthouse.  Come show your support with Facebook and Twitter.  Support and voting buttons are on the right.

Coming Along:

It is taking a little bit but the new site is just about back to where it was before.  Should be back to normal in the next few days.